Welcome to the site of the UK Bahá'í Agency for Social Economic Development (BASED-UK). This site provides information about BASED-UK's vision and approach. It also includes summaries of projects that BASED-UK is involved with.

BASED-UK serves to support social and economic development learning and action as part of the Bahá'í International Community's commitment to building a more unified, equitable and ever-advancing global civilisation. BASED-UK collaborates with overseas development agencies to assist them in their efforts to build capacity in local populations to take charge of their own social and economic development through the application of spiritual principles and systems of knowledge.



“If development is to be defined at all, then it will have to be in terms of the building of capacity in individuals, communities and institutions to participate effectively in weaving the fabric of a materially and spiritually prosperous world civilization.”    
Dr Farzam Arbab in Harper (ed.) (2000) The Lab, the Temple, and the Market

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BASED-UK is a UK registered charity number 1029888.


Image: A study circle in the fields of Kamashi, Rwanda, in June 2004.
Reproduced with permission of the Bahá’í International Community